Mocking Enumeration in Scala with EasyMock

October 21, 2009 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

I'm working on a Scala url shortener (to be hosted at my awesomely problem-causing ❺➠.ws domain). Since this is such a small application, I'm rolling it ground-up from the Servlet spec only, to get a feel for Scala without having to worry about a lot of dependencies. As such, one of the things I need to do is parse the requestor's "representation", i.e. determine if I'm serving JSON, XML, or HTML. Since this comes from the Accept: header, my tests will need to mock HttpServletRequest. ```scala val enumeration = createMock( classOf[java.util.Enumeration[String]]) expect(enumeration.hasMoreElements).andReturn(true) expect(enumeration.nextElement).andReturn("TEXT/HTML") expect(enumeration.hasMoreElements).andReturn(false) // the following call doesn't compile!!! expect(request.getHeaders(parser.ACCEPT_HEADER)) .andReturn(enumeration) expect(request.getParameter(parser.TYPE_PARAM)) .andReturn(null) replay(request) replay(enumeration) val t = parser.determineRepresentation(request) t should equal (Some("text/html")) ``` When I compile this test, I get the following baffling error message: ```scala TestRepresentationParser.scala:21: type mismatch; found : java.util.Enumeration[String] required: java.util.Enumeration[?0] where type ?0 EasyMock.expect(request.getHeaders(parser.ACCEPT_HEADER)) .andReturn(enumeration) ``` Um, OK? I tried zillions of ways to cast things, even creating my own implementation of Enumeration[String], to no avail. There seems to be some problem with the fact that HttpServletRequest returns a non-parameterized Enumeration in its interface, but Scala won't let me create such a thing. I had given up on testing this for a while, but eventually the simple solution prevailed: ```scala EasyMock.expect(request.getHeaders(parser.ACCEPT_HEADER)) // this call is obviously not type-checked, so it works expectLastCall.andReturn(enumeration) ``` Kinda cheesy, and I kinda feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner.