Sustainable Dev Environments with Docker and Bash Available Now

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My new book “Sustainable Dev Environments with Docker and Bash” is now available for $19.99. It will teach you Docker and Bash fundamentals you can apply to build a dev environment for any tech stack, that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

This isn’t just recipes to copy and paste (although you will see those for the running example). This explains what the difference is between a container and an image, how to navigate DockerHub to find the right images and use them properly. It also provides a basic strategy for how to install any software in a Docker image.

cover of the book

I have used the techniques and code in this book to maintain many different dev environments for my personal projects, as well as the dev environment for my last startup. When upgrading my computer, or even switching computers, everything just worked. If you’ve struggled with rvm, asdf, or any other version manager, this will make things better.

Buy now for $19.99!