SOLID is not Solid: The Book

January 14, 2020 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

As of now, you can buy my new 70-page snarky take on the SOLID Principles (containing all new material, I swear) for just $4.99 with code NDNOTSOLID. It was originally a re-packaging of the five posts I wrote last year, but I decided to rewrite the entire thing in the snarkiest way possible in a book called “SOLID is not Solid: Five Object-Oriented Principles to Create a Codebase Everyone will Hate”:

Do you know what I had to do to write and publish this? The hardest part was figuring out how to change fonts in LaTeX. 20 years ago the hardest part would’ve been to find a publisher and decide to be OK with a 10% royalty rate. Today, I don’t need anyone’s permission to make a book. On paper!

It turns out that almost everything you’ve been told about how to design software went through the same vetting process (by which I mean learning LaTeX).

There’s also a chapter of six quick takedowns of some of Agile’s silliest catch phrases:

“KISS” is often used when code is complex. KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. You know what? I’m not stupid. I’m just not. And neither are you. I don’t need to be insulted in order to discuss code.

Buy it now!, and don’t forget code NDNOTSOLID to get a dollar off at checkout.