Brustalist Web Design Dark Mode

May 23, 2019 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

Brutalist Web Design Guidelines now support dark mode! If you are using a system that supports dark mode (e.g. MacOS) then the site will show you a different theme with less sun-blasting white background (see image below). I’m viewing this as an accessibility issue, so right in line with the ethos of Brutalist Web Design. Some users need a darker theme or want to have a less bright experience on their computer.

This is likely only supported in Safari on later MacOS, but it’s activated by the media query prefers-color-scheme: dark. Since the site uses Tachyons, I chose to override Tachyons’ color styles rather than create meta styles like “background” and “text color”.

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
  .bg-near-black { background-color: #eeeeee; }
  .bg-near-white { background-color: #111111; }
  .black { color: #ffffff; }
  .dark-gray { color: #CCCCCC; }

  /* and so forth... */
Rendering of's website in dark mode and light mode side-by-side in both modes