Rails Is More Relevant than Ever

December 11, 2017 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

In this month’s issue of PragPub, I have an article about Rails, and how it’s still as relevant today as it was when it came out:

What Rails taught us about agility in 2005 is still applicable today. Rails has also kept up with the times, baking in more conventions around common problems, but also adding more technology to help solve them.

At its core, Rails is still an MVC framework serving up server-rendered pages. This core supports features that developers need today, either to capitalize on new techniques in front-end development, or to allow applications to scale as needs change and become complex. Do you need to run code in a background job? Rails has ActiveJob. Do you need to push changes from the server to your users’ browsers via WebSockets? Rails has ActionCable. Do you need to have a fully-interactive front-end, using the latest CSS processors and JavaScript frameworks? Rails has Webpacker, which simplifies Webpack, which makes all that possible and easy.

And there is testing support for all of it, from unit tests to browser-based system tests, so you can confidently ship your entire app, fully tested, whenever you need to make a change.

Read more about the entire issue here.