Manual vs Automatic Continuous Deployment

August 07, 2013 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

My ex-colleague from LivingSocial, Dan Mayer posted a great read about continuous deployment, and the tradeoffs when doing an automatic deploy:

After considering some of the real world implications of automated continuous deployment, I didn’t feel it was right for our team on most of our projects at the moment. Both because we would need a bit of additional tooling around deployment and dashboards, and because our tests are far to slow.

It’s a good (and quick) read. Having worked on at least one of the apps that Dan’s talking about, I would agree he’s making the right call and that if your test suite is slow, automatic deployment can be a killer. I also think there’s a relationship between the size of the contributor group and the speed of the test suite - the more devs pushing stuff in, the faster it has to be.

In my book, there’s a chapter on bootstrapping new applications, and my recommendation is to set up automatic continuous deployment from the start. I stand by that, because it basically turns the problem Dan identifies around: slow tests slow your deployment which should thus motivate keeping tests slow (and applications lean). We’ll see how it works out at Stitch Fix. We have one app with a somewhat slow test suite, and three with relatively fast ones. Automatic deploys work really well so far.