Technological Conservatism

April 08, 2013 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

John Siracusa has, in his laser-focused, analytical style, perfectly captured something about technology that I always knew, but never knew I knew. His latest post, Technological Conservatism is a must read:

Beneath what seems like a reasonable feature request lurks the heart of technological conservatism: what was and is always shall be.

(emphasis his).

I love everything about this, and it’s a helluva lot better than [Steve Yegge’s stinker][yegge].

Siracusa’s article inspires me in two ways:

  • Stop holding “what I know” so dearly. “Lead or bleed”, as Chad Fowler says
  • Stop accepting unjustified idioms & conventions as being “more correct”. “That’s just the way it’s done” is often the best explanation for doing things a particular way, but it’s not actually a legitimate reason for anything.