Six languages to master

July 29, 2012 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

This post, by Michael O Church is an excellent post on being a better programmer and full of a lot more awesome than the title implies. You need to read the entire thing. After he makes the case for which five programming languages to learn, the best stuff starts when he makes his case for the sixth:

The sixth is one that very few programmers are willing to use in source code: English.

He rightly defends comments and documentation:

Most problems are custom problems that require documentation of what is being solved, why, and how. People need to know, when they read code, what they’re looking at; otherwise, they’re going to waste a massive amount of time focusing on details that aren’t relevant.

And makes very salient points about depending on IDEs to develop. This is one of many, but my personal favorite:

If you’re IDE-dependent, you can’t write code outside of a corporate environment, because when you go home, you don’t have a huge support team to set the damn thing up.

Really great read.