DC's New 52 Review

October 21, 2011 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

I’ve always liked superhero stuff, but was never into comics as a kid. Reading Wikipedia summaries of the insanity that is the DC universe’s continuity makes me never want to touch the stuff. Now, it seems, they’ve thrown all of that out and started things fresh. Though it’s not a reboot. Whatever.


Having zero desire to locate, much less visit, my local comics store, the awesome Comixology app is my gateway to nerdom. I’ve used it to read a few short-run titles like Kick-Ass and Wanted, and they carry the DC titles. And, the New 52 titles are being released digitally at the same time as they are in print. Awesome. Nothing more annoying than downloading some 5 year old comic that just abruptly ends because they didn’t feel like digitizing all of it.

Based on what I know about the characters, and a few recommendations, I got the #1’s for several of the new titles:

  • Action Comics - Superman’s young and pissed, and Lex Luthor is out to get him. Love this one. And, I’m cool with his costume being jeans and a T-shirt.
  • All Star Western - Jonah Hex is a kick-ass dude in 1800s Gotham City. I like the vibe, but the story seemed a bit formulaic, and I’m not sure I care about yet another grumpy badass character. I’ll read #2 and see if it picks up.
  • Batman - YES. So very good. The first two issues deal with some shadowy assasins coming to Gotham and Batman is ready to kick some serious ass.
  • Batwoman - No clue who or what Batwoman is supposed to be. I bought the first two issues based on a recommendation and I probably won’t continue. Story is kinda boring and the character just doesn’t interest me. Plus, it seems the bad guys are stupid supernatural demons or something, and I just hate that stuff.
  • Catwoman - Dumb fun. This one’s been getting flak for it’s overt sexuality, but I love the idea of a character who’s in it for herself and not trying to be a hero. The scene in the second issue with Bruce acting like a drunken idiot while watching Selina’s every move is awesome. Definitely keep reading this one.
  • Detective Comics - I dont even remember what this one’s about. Batman plus blood-n-guts. I dunno. Wasn’t really into it, and Batman is just way better so far.
  • Justice League - Love it. The League hasn’t formed, no one knows each other or trusts each other and the government’s out to get all the heros. And Darkseid is sending bombs and dudes to Earth. Green Lantern: “You’re not just some guy in a bat costume are you?”. Ha!
  • Wonder Woman - REALLY boring. No idea what the story is, but there’s centaurs and Zeus and other boring shit I can’t stand.

The rest of the new 52 titles don’t look super interesting to me; I think a lot of the Justice League characters are kinda boring on their own, with Superman and Batman being the exception. The other “Bat family” titles look OK, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got for the time being.

The only thing I don’t get how all this fits together; Batman’s in three of the titles I’m reading, and so is it the same guy at different points, or totally different stories that are timeless or what? Ah well.