I spent a dollar on something that's free

April 28, 2011 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

Co-worker sent out an email today, letting everyone know about a handy Mac app called cdto. You drag it to Finder and, if you click it, it will open a Terminal window where the current working directory is the folder you’re viewing in Finder. Pretty handy.

I click the link and get to a Google Code page, with a link to a zip. Then, I thought, maybe the developer is being nice and has put it in the App Store; that way, I can install it here with one click, and install it at home with one click.


But, another developer has created a similar app called ShellTo. The icon is similar, and it does exactly the same thing. However, it’s 99 cents.

Now, I have a bit of a dilemma. Do I download cdto, find the expanded folder (called “cdto dist”) in my Downloads folder, search that for the executable (there were several directories, only one having the app), drag it to the Applications folder and then repeat the process (which I can make slightly faster via Dropbox) at home?

Or, do I pay a buck to have this done instantly and painlessly?

I paid the buck.

If you could pay a dollar for 5 minutes of your time back, would you?