2010 in review; what's next for me in 2011

January 01, 2011 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

Yesterday, while waiting for guests to arrive at my mostly-annual New Year’s Eve party, I found a txt file I created called 2010_goals.txt. It’s contents:

  • speak at at least one more user’s group
  • speak at some sort of conference
  • deploy an App to the iPhone App Store
  • Deploy a Rails 2 app to Heroku

I had totally forgotten about this, although I accomplished almost everything on that list. This year, I spoke at DCRUG twice, NOVAJUG once, and spoke at ScalaDays 2010 in Switzerland (and was subsequently trapped by that stupid volcano) as well as Lone Star Ruby Conf in Austin. While I still haven’t quite submitted my iPhone app to the app store, I did deploy a Rails three app to heroku, namely my Rails Rumble ‘10 entry Carl The Robot. On top of all that, I successfully completed PragProWriMo, writing a 170+ page book on command-line applications in Ruby in just one month. And had more than a few patches accepted to some open source projects.

So, I created 2011_goals.txt to continue the tradition:

  • Deploy my iPhone app to App Store
  • Speak at at least 2 conferences
  • Publish my command-line application book
  • Develop and deploy an iPad app
  • Blog twice a month
  • Learn JavaScript more betterer
  • Get my rudimentary scaladoc doclet accepted.

I think it’s doable, but I’ve got a busy year planned in the non-geek-related parts of my life, so who knows? What are your goals for 2011?