Lead or Bleed

May 25, 2009 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

After reading all of The Passionate Programmer over a week or so, I'm going back through and looking at some of the "Act On It!" sections, where Chad Fowler recommends specific actions to kickstart/sustain/boost your career. The very first one, titled "Lead or Bleed?" suggests making a map of technologies, with "on the way out" on the left side and "bleeding edge" on the right side, then highlighting how well you know each thing. Here's my stab at it:

Technololgies: Lead or Bleed

Green are things are know really well; yellow are things I could do at a job but am by no means an expert.

Obviously this is shaped by my own reality and what I perceive on the 'net, and I omitted things like "C", "UNIX" and "Windows", because those are not really "on the way out" in the same way that C++ is (or that COBOL was, etc.).