I can haz job

December 01, 2008 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

So, I am finally employed and I didn't even have to settle. After a refreshingly protracted and detailed interview process, I'm finally schlepping myself to a job that I'm more or less excited about. That's saying something, since I've spent the last 8 months at home (6.5 of them working for Gliffy) in my perfect environment: waking up whenever, using my dual-monitor mac, Rudy close by. My first day was a net win, despite having to bring in my own computer, and overall I'm not complaining because I get to use a Mac at work thank GOD.

Pluses so far:

  • Smart people I can have a conversation with
  • Meaningful product (i.e. not another CRUD app for a government agency [not that there's anything wrong with it])
  • Not only have they heard of javadoc, they use it!
  • Database migrations!
  • Clean looking code and tests that actually pass on a fresh checkout!
  • No M$ exchange server or other shitbox mail system (they use Google Apps)
  • Damn close to home; I should be biking in real soon
  • Relaxed environment
  • I'm one person away from a bonafide window with the shades open!
Honestly, it's almost a 100% on my interview rubric (which I took down for a while, because some HR person read it and gave me shit about not liking having a dress code. I mean, does anyone really like putting on a suit and tie to site and write code? Or to do anything? We're talking levels of tolerance, and mine is low, mostly because I believe dress codes indicate a deeper organizational problem of priority management).

Negatives so far:

  • Kinda noisy office (fortunately few people seem to have phones)
  • Subversion (it looks like they aren't going nuts with branches, so git-svn should preserve my sanity in this regard)

On the fence so far:

  • Maven - The only reason this isn't a negative is that it's better than the pile of shit ant script everyone else uses, and the build does work pretty painlessly.
  • Spring - I haven't used Spring for anything real, and I can't say it gets me excited (nor have I ever thought it sounded all that great), but I'm optimistic about it. I figure if it, in fact, is great, I'm happy. If it sucks, I have fodder for ranting. It's a win/win. I do fear the XML situps tho.