Shell history meme

April 17, 2008 📬 Get My Weekly Newsletter

In response to the rage-of-the-moment shell history meme, I present my list, which looks different than a lot of peoples':
  • 149 cd - Well, duh
  • 104 ./ - Occasionally to run JBoss (I have to have two JBoss servers running locally, and when I do a complete recompile/redeploy (not often), I must restart, as ant fstats the ever-loving shit out thousands of files (multiple times, per, 'natch, cause it so superior to make) at the same time JBoss is hot-deploying (twice) and my machine just dies), but more often to run the application I'm developing.
  • 88 tail - To read log files (were I on OS X, would be the way to go)
  • 84 ls - Well, duh
  • 73 git - I commit a lot, I diff alot, I stat alot, and I blame alot. You should, too
  • 57 - Awesomely awesome command-line SQL client written by my co-worker and enhanced on occasion by me. I'll probably steal it when I leave this project, and I wish he'd put it up on sourceforge
  • 51 jobs - To find out which JBosses to kill (frequently executed in the wrong shell window)
  • 44 kill - To then go kill JBoss
  • 43 vi - To get some work done
Runners up: rm, grep, git-svn