A clone

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Note that the black bar on the bottom is there because I wanted square obejcts in the game to appear square, and not stretched vertically as they do in an emulator. I'm not sure of the resolution of a TV, but that may exhibit the stretching as well (thought it didn't appear to on my TV.

The classic first
view of Adventure.

And the familiar
Yellow Castle.

I hope you know the
shortcut on Game 1.

The Black Castle!

The White Castle!

And the catacombs.

Finally, bringing the
chalice home...

For non-classic levels
there's a new
selection mechanism

And a new dragon
who moves fast!

And a new castle

Non symetrical mazes

More of that Maze

You'll also need to
make heavy use of
the bridge

Use the candle to
light your way
(if you you
selected extra items)

The armour protects
your from those pesky