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If you think you've found a bug, please mail me. Include the file log.txt which should exist in the binary installation directory. If you have problems building from the source, I don't know if I can help you, but feel free to contact me. If you have made modifications to the source, please send them to me.


  • You cannot alt-tab to another application and back. Doing so crashes the game. My attempts to debug this crash Visual Studio, so I'm not sure how to fix this. (Of course, if you are playing Adventure, why would you switch to another application :)


  • When being attacked by a dragon, the player cannot pass through the dragon. This is normal, but sometimes the "bounce" effect can push the player into a wall. This collision with the wall can have strange effects. This is not trivially fixable, and occurs mostly on games 4/5.
  • The way the dragons attack is also not quite right. They jump to the right side of the player (for reasons I can't recall, but were valid at the time), and the result is that it's often too easy to get away from them.


  • It's too easy to kill the dragons
  • If the bat is holding the sword, he can kill a dragon if all three of you are in the same room. This seems wrong to me
  • The "bounce" off of walls isn't quite right

Not bugs (but you might think they are)

  • Objects appear to be stuck in walls all the time - this can occur when the bat either drops an object there after getting a better one, or when the bat flies through a room with the magnet. While this is fairly rare in games 1, 2, and 3, it can be seen more frequently in games 4/5 because of the large walls present in some of the rooms. Given how difficult it would be to ensure that the bat didn't drop things inside of walls, I believe this is why the magnet is in the game.
  • Sometimes on games 3 or 5 there's no way to win - Since objects are assigned to rooms randomly, there isn't always a way to win. For example, if the black key and the chalice are both inside the black castle. This isn't a bug because no one said that every adventure could be completed!


  • Make the games (i.e. Worlds) creatable from a configuration or XML type file, instead of having to write code
  • Get rid of .bmp and .wav formats in favor of a "all in one file" type format. This should be faster to read and also prevent people from "cheating" and looking at the easter eggs.
  • Make objects and AI scriptable