About me

I’m a programmer, musician, and author of “Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap”, “The Senior Software Engineer”, and “Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2”. I speak frequently at national and regional conferences and spend my days currently as a Director of Engineering at Stitch Fix. I’ve written applications in C, Java, Ruby, Scala, and many others, on large and small teams. As a developer, I believe in clean code, making it right, providing a great user experience and using the right tool for the job. As a bass player, I believe in using a pick, locking it down, and ripping off Peter Hook. As an author, I insist on the Oxford Comma, try to avoid semi-colons, and have removed “very” and “thing” from my dictionary.

My Writing

My Software

  • GLI - a DSL for making more complex command line apps in Ruby
  • Adventure - My “cover” of classic 2600 game Adventure
  • Methadone - a simple way to make command line apps in Ruby
  • Ruby Style Guide - My personal Ruby style guide + tools to make your own

My Music